1889 – Mathew Hall Lumber Company started in St. Cloud in 1889 on the West bank of the Mississippi River. Mathew Hall began a philosophy of business that has been retained by four generations of Halls. It is a philosophy that not only treats each and every customer as a personal friend, but insures that any purchase of lumber or building supplies from Mathew Hall Lumber Company, are the very best quality materials for the job.

1907 – St. Cloud was growing and lumber was selling for $10 to $12 and window retailed for $1.25. Business was brisk right from the start for the young lumber company. There were sawmills in and around St. Cloud, and one retail yard… and the mills were too busy to give good service to relatively small purchasers. However at the Mathew Hall yard every customer – large or small – received prompt and enthusiastic service and good, honest advice on lumber and related building materials. All the while Mathew Hall was insistent on a larger supply and a greater variety of building materials on hand at all times for customer selection.1910 – William Howard Taft succeeded popular Teddy Roosevelt as the 27th President of the United States. The population of St. Cloud climbed to 10,600. Mathew Hall expanded his lumber storage facilities with the addition of three large, roofed lumber sheds. Dimension lumber was ordered by the “carload” so that both selection and price would be improved.
1915 – 1920 – The population of St. Cloud reached 21,000, a new Veterans Administration Hospital was established, and Bert Gamble opened up an auto supply store to serve the increasing automobile market. Mathew Hall was rapidly moving ahead and changing, too. Earlier, a delivery service taking the shape of a team of horses and a wagon had started. Now there was an entire “fleet” of horse-drawn teams.
1928 – Mathew Hall was again improving the business. He bought the coal business, warehouse and railroad trackage of the Fisher Company in St. Cloud, which was located just across the street from his original office site. This new 132-foot acquisition not only gave Mathew Hall Lumber a new retail office, showroom and needed warehousing, but included railroad trackage for more efficient handling and unloading of materials.1933 – America was struggling to overcome the depths of the famous depression… Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected President and his popular “fireside chats” to the nation began. Prohibition ended and the “New Deal” was promoted with a variety of Federal programs such as the NRA, CCC’s, WPA, TVA, etc. Frances Perkins was appointed the first woman Cabinet member. The Chicago Bears beat the New York Giants for the first national professional football league championship game.

1967 – Mathew Hall’s sons had been running the lumberyard since the death of Mathew Hall and now they decided it was time to move on. In 1967 the four sons were planning to sell the family lumberyard to an outside firm. Mathew Hall’s grandson James A. Hall heard about the pending sale and decided to develop a business plan to purchase Mathew Hall Lumber, effectively keeping the business family-owned. Jim began working with his uncles that same year at the lumberyard and became president of Mathew Hall Lumber Company that same year.


1999 – Mathew Hall Lumber’s Board of Directors named Loran Hall (James Hall oldest son) as president of Mathew Hall Lumber Company. Loran has worked at the lumber yard all his life and is the fifth generation of Hall’s to carry on Mathew Hall’s philosophy: “Treat each customer as a personal friend.”


2011 – Right in the middle of the recession, Loran, John and Dan Hall made the decision to keep investing in Mathew Hall and put in a wall panel manufacturing plant. This unique addition to the company allows Mathew Hall to design, and build, all of the integrated components for the structure of a building, ( floors, roof and walls) all at the same time, indoors in a controlled climate, with the latest computer aided equipment and technology. Roof, floor and walls are all pieces of a puzzle that need to fit perfectly together. So, it made sense for us to offer our customers the ability to get the whole puzzle put together in one perfectly matched package.